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Terms & Conditions

1.  Payment

Non-refundable cash / credit card paymen upon order confirmation.


2. Delivery Acknowledgement

2.1 Software Delivery Acknowledgement - Software Release Note (SRN)

A Software Release Note recorded with the software items (screens, reports and functions) will be submitted to customers as receiving checklist whenever SoftEAC releases the software to customer for evaluation, review and testing purpose. Customers are advised to parallel run the software with the manual or existing software to compare the results


2.2 Hardware Delivery Acknowledgement –  Hardware Delivery Note  (HDN)

A Hardware Delivery Note (HDN) or known as Packing list printed with hardware specs and quantity will be shipped together with hardware for customer’s receiving acknowledgement


3. DO & Invoice

Unless otherwise specified, all Delivery Order & progressive payment request will be automatically acknowledged, matured and confirmed after 6 weeks from the date of Software released note (SRN) or Hardware Delivery Note (HDN)